Hedonist, reveling in the mystery of the unfolding universe.

Winnie and me at the beach

From my perspective, everything that's ever happened in my entire life— every triumphant success, every pitiful shame —doesn't matter one drop to the ocean. The waves swell, crest, and crash, maniacally polishing, polishing, polishing, cliffs into rocks, rocks into gravel, gravel into sand.

For my anxious psyche, there's no greater relief than the simultaneous facts of nature's roaring indifference to my foibles, the ocean scraping the beauty of the coastline off the sides of the earth, a monument to the potency of a jillion water droplets etching a record of their existence over an unfathomable epoch.

Isn't it miraculous what we can achieve— no matter how small we might feel— working together?

I’m the poster child for what unlimited screen time can do to your life, and an enormous homer for the boundless power of combining technology with love to improve all of our lives.

I believe everyone has something interesting to add, and that leaders have a responsibility to continuously create new opportunities for individuals to delight in the way their fingerprints on the world give feeling to all of us lucky to be alive together in this moment. Makers, in pursuit of the rewards captialism offers, do the holy work of keeping all of us out of the Malthusian Trap.

Like my dad, growing up in New Orleans taught me to enthusiastically feel love for life. I get covered in sauce at mealtime, dance (poorly) when there’s music playing, shout loudly about my teams at sporting events, laugh from my belly anticipating a punchline, and cry buckets when things don’t work out in my communities, for my friends, or for my family. I fall in love easily: with plates of food, lyrical cadences, cozy ambiances, surprising conclusions, and especially with curious, confident women.

Like my caregivers, growing up part of a community taught me generosity as default. I’m proudly an engaged empathetic listener, an enthusiastic cheerleader, and a deliberate judge. I’ve received untold help from unrecognized people and won’t fail to appreciate how favorably fortune has smiled upon me. Maya Angelou said it best: “your crown has been bought and paid for, put it on your head and wear it” (this is really hard for me).

Like my mom, growing up in a rational-analytical household taught me many things in life yield to reason with enough effort. My sister and I earned pocket-change by calculating change due faster than the cash register whenever our mom transacted commercially. I spent hours on my own learning HTML to build my third grade class’s intranet website, broke the algorithm for an online CPG sweepstakes that earned sixth grade me a C&D from Evian’s attorneys, and finally got expelled from seventh grade for distributing my own (unfortunately offensive) rap mixtape online.

I’ve been a visual fine-artist back to my earliest memories. Computers have been a constant companion. Epicurean pursuits have been the dominant pastime of my adulthood— I've dined in most of the three star restaurants in San Francisco and New York, plus 20% of the World's 50 Best Bars. My Apple Music library’s 25,000+ songs, I’ve attended hundreds of concerts, and I love every genre of music except metal variants. I’ve visited 28 countries across four continents. I spent ten years learning French, followed by ten years forgetting French.

I’m very easy to get along with (I think).

I work in software and am excited about the future of technology.

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